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5 Things to be considered to get a great photograph


1. Composition

there is a rule called “rule of third” in photography that give you a perfect composition so that a picture is lovely to look at. It’s generally dividing your picture into 9 equal size areas where you used 4 square at the edge to take the picture of the main object. This is advisable for beginners who interested in photography until you get really adept on make your own composition.


2. Angling

Angle is very important in photography because it is showing how your picture wants to be. Different angle might result in different meaning. For example, there is a fat guy who wants to look slim on a picture. If you take perpendicular to his body, it will obviously see that he is fat. So you need to adjust it until you get the perfect one.


3. Lighting

Light intensity will determine how appealing your picture is. The more contrast they are, the better it will be, but make sure it’s not overly contrast because it will hurt your eyes when you look at it. Besides, lighting also give you better imagination of the picture even though the object itself might not be that good. Lastly, try to avoid flash lighting effect because it just focus on one part while the rest will ruin the whole picture.


4. Background

people tend to see this as trivial in photography but it actually doesn’t. background will give you extra information that gives you more value into the object or elevate its quality. For example, people who use Lamborghini as the background even though the car is not him versus people who use city car which belong to him, many will generally think that people with Lamborghini are richer and better than the opposite.


5. Editing

The last components that almost everyone does is editing. This clearly gives you freedom to alter your picture brightness, colour, contrast, etc. This is also the easiest to do as nowadays, many software inside electronic devices allow this feature. This last step, allow you to fixed the other 4 things above which put people at ease; no need to worry about the rest.

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