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What Is Swimming ?

Swimming is one of many popular sport activities that involved people from any background and any ages. Unlike any other sports which just invented several centuries ago, it is believed to be the oldest sport exist in the world. In the history, the first evidence of swimming has revealed on the 10 000 years old rock painting inside the cave of swimmers, Egypt showing 4 people who swimming. Nowadays, there are a bulk of activities related to swimming such as, diving, snorkelling, etc. Besides, people also create the handmade site for swimming which known as swimming pool or waterpark. As we know that swimming also provides many benefits for our health, the question now is “How to be a good swimmer”? so then we can enjoy full benefits from swimming or otherwise your hard work will be meaningless.


Styles Of Swimming

First step to be a good swimmer, we need to know the styles or strokes of swimming which are the repeated movement of body to push the body forward. In general, there are 4 styles in swimming namely: Freestyle, Back stroke, Breaststroke, butterfly stroke.


1. Freestyle

Although it’s called a freestyle, it doesn’t mean that you are free to move in your own way. Freestyle or front crawl is one of the fastest style among other styles. It involves your hand one by one move like a turbine in a vertical circular motion and your leg fluttering. This stroke is usually considered as basic style and usually be the first style that you can mastered.


2. Breaststroke

Breaststroke is one of the most popular and relaxing style among others. It involves both your hand move in a circular track at the same time from the middle on the same alignment to your face and your leg kicking like a frog. Although, it’s not as fast as freestyle, many people use it for practising and enjoying swimming.


3. Backstroke

Simply speaking, backstroke is reverse style of freestyle. In this case, the way you do it is exactly the same but in different direction. In this stroke, your body facing the air while in freestyle, your body facing the water. However, this stroke is not that easy to imply. At first, you will feel drown and anxious. Besides, it also hard as you can’t see the end and your head might hit the boundaries.


4. Butterfly Stroke

This is can be seen as the hardest style but looks elegant ones you mastered it. It involves the movement of the whole body like a dolphin while the hands are moving like the turbines altogether at the same time. For a short period, this style will be a great fun and exhausting.


Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Second step is so simple, practising and revising. So after you learn all of the styles above, it’s the time practice and try it. After that, you need to revise so then it will get closer to perfection of the styles. You can take a video of your training or the easiest way, you can find a coach instead so then you or he can assess your progress.

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