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We, human, are social beings. That’s why we can’t live alone. That’s also apply in freelancing world. When we do some projects with having a team that consist of some people that have diversifed set of skill and each skill set is complementary to each other, you can do that projects faster and more satisfying. But as the time passed by, some teams can lose their previous productivity. That’s why, In this article, we will give you some tips about how to increase your team productivity even more. These are the tips :

  1. Well-supported facilities

Facilities at work such as computer or machinery things have a great role in determining the number of production. The better the equipment, the more output can be produced. This because better facilities allow your teammates to work easier and in a shorter time than it supposed to be which means this gives incentives to workers to produce or give more. Besides it also nullified the stress effect caused by the slow computer or other stuff.


  1. Goals and bonus

Setting goals is also important. it gives your teammates the image about what to achieve. Besides it’s much better accompanied by the bonus so it gives workers incentives to strive. Otherwise, goals only might be less effective.


  1. Planning everyday activities

Planning in the morning before starting to work is crucial as it gives your teammates the image about what to do so then they don’t need to spend a lot of time to think about the job. Additionally, planning about work also enhance the relation between workers and allow them to socialize with others so it will build their teamwork.


  1. Competition between your teammates

Psychologically, as a human, everyone wants to win. By doing this, your teammates will be triggered to win the competition and generally, try to work above their limits. As a result, the number of output produced will increase with the same number of workers which is beneficial for the company or the boss.


  1. Make them feel at home

Lastly, make them feel at home sounds like lazy but actually the other way around. By giving them home-like facilities will make them love to work and love the company. Consequently, they will work by heart and give more contribution for the company. But one thing must be emphasize that giving these kind of facilities are not the first thing.


Those are a few tips that we can give to you to increacse your team productivity. We hope that you and your team can practice the tips and become more productive.

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